Pallet Design System

At Lima Pallet Company, Inc. we utilize Computer Aided Drafting software to produce detailed schematics for our custom designed pallets. Under built pallets are dangerous and overbuilding is not economical. By using PDS software we ensure our customers’ specifications are met with the minimum of waste and cost. The features and benefits of PDS are listed below.

  • Aids in material handling efficiency.
  • Schematics are fully dimensional.
  • Calculates the pallet load capacity on conveyor and in rack or stack storage.
  • Identifies the point of maximum stress on a pallet and tells users what components need to be changed to improve performance.
  • Calculates lateral collapse resistance, durability rating, pallet weight and component shrinkage.
  • Reduces costs by choosing the right materials and the best design for the particular job. Helps eliminate expensive and wasteful over-engineering.
  • PDS takes the guesswork out of pallet performance. The program uses a detailed description of the actual unit load and materials handling conditions helping it to accurately predict the pallet’s load bearing performance.
  • PDS enhances workplace safety. It recommends safety and design improvements reducing or eliminating product damage, costly equipment shut-downs and pallet related injuries.

PDS ensures agreement between pallet users and the supplier making sure everyone is on the same page. A six page “pallet blueprint” is produced detailing exactly what the customer wants in a language they will understand.