Services Offered by Lima Pallet

We offer a wide array of services to our valued customers:

On-Site Inventory Control

Lima Pallet Company will help our customers set stock levels and will maintain inventory control on-site to prevent pallet shortages.

Pallet Design Systems

State of the art CAD technology is used to design our customers pallets. We work with our customers to determine their exact specifications and produce pallets utilizing the PDS software.

Heat Treating Export Pallets

Lima Pallet Company is ISMP15 compliant & USDA compliant. We offer stamping and full documentation for all customers over seas or across boarders. Our lumber is heat treated for export or domestic markets for our customer needs. One to 120 of our pallets or our customers pallets, can be heat treated per load.

Fumigation of Pallets

We can fumigate any pallet which may require it prior to shipping.


Color-Coding of pallets is available upon request, for any pallet size to meet our customers’ needs.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We provide 24-hour a day, 7 days per week emergency delivery service for our customers.

Pallet Removal

Our customers receive FREE pallet removal. These pallets are recycled into a useable form. Our commitment to “going green” is that no wood will go to the landfills.

Approved Federal Government Contract

Approved manufacturing product codes 39, 81, K, 2.

USDA Compliant

Lima Pallet Company has a USDA agreement in place for interstate movement of ash material.